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“For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Tatiana is extraordinary at reaching and coaching-the-soul into it’s fullest expression. She has helped me move from small, oppressed ‘me’, to a more expanded, confident version of ‘I AM’!

I have bumped up against some mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging decisions lately, and because of the depth of the work we have done, I was able to process and synthesize those decisions from a much higher perspective and place of compassion. The outcome and relationship shifted in an unexpected and beautiful way, which allowed for a creative, amiable solution in a previously tenuous partnership.

Instead of looking at situations and events as problems to be solved, I now expect and experience miraculous solutions!

~Schelli Whitehouse,

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Dr. Tatiana follows Divine Intuition as she utilizes several complimentary healing modalities customized to the unique needs of her clients seeking balance and wellbeing.

Energy Balancing and Revitalization is key to our ability to release the past and embrace our natural state to heal ourselves and live in peace and joy.

Positive mental attitude is the first factor in health.

There are branches of science known as psychoneuroimmunology and metaphysics that study and examine how ones mental and emotional outlook effects ones health. They are finding that people who can be positive in their outlook are living longer, healthy lives. We truly become what we choose to think about, allow to permeate our feelings and identify with.

Working with the scientific swing of the pendulum explained through Quantum Physics and discovering the bridge that links the Spiritual swing we are able to find the merging point through “Metaphysics”.

Dr. Tatiana is skillfully able to address multiple issues and imbalances in one’s body, relationships, career, and home life through the correct application of metaphysical principles, such as:

Intuitive Guidance Sleep Imbalances Depression
Physical Pain Low Energy Coupling Struggles
Restlessness Career Stagnation Releasing Old Karma
Limiting Beliefs Entity Attachment Brain Fog
Extremity Blocks Low Self Esteem Financial Drain
Weight Loss Addiction Cyclical Patterns
Attracting Desires Changing Habits Increasing Intuition
Dream Analysis Legal Injustices Contract Blessing
And “Energy Disturbances” in Body, Home, Workspace or Land



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Solutionary TV

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