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Merging our unique and personal lives with another human being and successfully coupling may be one of the most challenging and equally rewarding ventures we can ever take on.

There have been a plethora of books written, expert therapists, counselors, coaches, clergy, expert speaker seminars, group support classes, and more to teach and retrain us how to think outside the proverbial box that we adapted to in our formative years and accept someone else unconditionally. The wealth of this information has been greatly contributive to many couples’s commitments deepening and continues to evolve in its fundamental understanding and application.

There is also a tremendous amount of reflection necessary to make certain that we, ourselves are “whole” enough to be able to healthfully engage in an interdependent relationship with another in a satisfying and sustainable way. Of course this all makes sense, after all, how can we expect to attract a confident, loving, playful, responsible, well rounded, accountable, honest partner prepared to accept us for all we are if we are not reflecting these attributes nor are we equally accepting of ourselves?

This is where the concept of “Conscious Coupling” is best applied. To be able to couple from a clear, reflective and healthy place we must be able to see ourselves equally clearly. From there we also would need to have healed old patterns of self sabotage, cyclical lessons of disempowerment, parental issues and the like and be evolved enough to manifest a partner that resonates with our core values.

If you are ready to manifest your emotional, intellectual, spiritual and sensual equal, perhaps it’s time to work creatively with me as your coach. Together we work with the principles of Universal attraction, energy matching, vibrational frequency mirroring and collaborative creation to bring your ideal partner into your field.

For those who are currently partnered and would like to be more satisfyingly so, there is a great deal of renegotiating both energetically and communicatively that can be done to bring more alignment, joy, ecstasy and growth into your partnership.

The 5 Tiers of “Conscious Coupling” can be found here and on the free tools links which are as follows:


Let me support you in bringing the potential of your merging with a soul mate into the fullest and richest relationship that it can be!


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