Intuitive Coaching: Each individual is deeply intuitive although it may be a unhoned skill looking for a comfortable outlet for expression. The very basis of coaching as a core principle and understanding is to acknowledge that the client truly has all the answers that they seek. As an “Energy Intuitive” that regularly cultivates my insight skills, I am able to feel the connection of the clients inner knowing and craft questions that open up the clients higher senses and accessibility to their own truth. From this basis the effectiveness of each coaching session, whether it be for an individual client, couples, parent/child, groups, etc are far more powerful and effective in returning the client to their own personal empowerment.

Medical/Energy Intuitive: Every individual has the natural ability to intuitively assess the condition of their own body. Advanced training in this discipline creates a finely tuned awareness and ability to literally see into the body allowing the practitioner to keenly sense any potential imbalance and “dis-ease” within the bodies systems. With this gift of insight, each client can be served with the most customized care for their restoration and wellbeing.

Clinical Aromatherapy: Clinical Aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice that addresses the entire being which includes the mental, emotion, spiritual and physical bodies. Through the skillful application of therapeutically potent, essential oils of flowers, plants, stems, roots, etc, the body can be assisted to heal itself and return to balance.

Reiki Healing: Reiki is made up of “Life Force energy” that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, which effortlessly flows to the client where it is needed. A practitioner taps into the clients life force, placing their hands wherever guided and acts as a conduit with which the Reiki energy may flow to balance and harmonize the various levels of being.

Crystology: Crystal healing is an art and healing practice used throughout the ages. Modern science has acknowledged the unique contribution of quartz crystals in computers as they are used to store and transmute data. Likewise, the myriad of stones and crystals generously provided to us by our rich planet can also be incorporated into our healing as they assist in releasing stored “data” in our bodies that no longer serves us. Crystal healing compliments energy balancing work in a unique and beautiful way.

Chakra Balancing: “Chakra’s” are energy centers within the body that interact with and support our meridians and overall field. These centers can become clogged and out of balance due to stress, disease, physical injury, toxic thinking and even our addictions. Bringing the “Chakra’s” into balance can create an overall “lift” which raises our natural vibration and instills greater lightness and joy.

Spacial Clearing of Land and Dwellings: We are powerful energetic beings that are capable of constantly imprinting our strong intentions and powerful emotions in the spaces that we occupy. As the earth is a living energy field complete with grid lines and vortexes. Our charged experiences, triumphs, conflicts, pain and attachments can imprint on the earth plane through connection to our land, homes and businesses. Being mindful to clear our space is as important as it is to cleanse ourselves. Setting intention and dedicating our space after a move, major life change, etc is equally important. Let me assist you in creating the most supportive and ideal “space” for you to thrive in!

Ordained Minister to officiate in Wedding Ceremonies and Burials of a loved one.

“The information contained in this site is not intended to suggest that Dr. Tatiana H Irvin, acting as Nurturing Hands diagnoses, treats or practices medicine in any way. The human body has been divinely designed to heal itself and Dr. Tatiana H Irvin assists the energy fields surrounding and within the body, coupled with intuitive coaching to return to a state of balance, awareness and self healing.”


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