Energy Intuitive/Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification

April 13th, 14th & 15th

This is a warm and loving welcome to enter this phase of pivotal human evolution during this transitional time in history, FULLY AWAKE, IN POSSESSION OF ALL FACULTIES AND INHERENT INTUITIVE GIFTS.


  • As a student practitioner of Energy Intuitive/Medical Intuitive practicums you will be introduced to and trained in the practical and fundamental skills for an active solo practice or augmentation to your existing practice.
  • Develop your intuitive skills (The Multiplicitous “Clair’s”) in more comprehensive awareness and with summonable techniques to full integrate them into your conscious tool kit.
  • Connect with your Healing Guides and Masters in the support of your acceleration in intentional use of your inherent intuitive gifts and awakening to living in a 4D & 5D (4th Density/Dimension, 5th Density/Dimensional) model, consciously and permanently.
  • Learn to discern between benevolent vs. malevolent beings, how to shield, deflect and disable to serve cleanly.
  • Experience symbiotic oneness with plants, metals, wood, crystals, land, water masses, vehicles, homes, and physiology, gleaning the messages they convey seeking healing and resolution.  (Personal specimens and tools will be provided in class.)
  • Audio interviews and teachings from the Founders of modern Medical Intuition sharing the rich history of its’s arduous path and mainstream implementation.
  • Downloadable morning and evening meditations provided by the Founders for integration into your daily mediation practice for the duration of the coursework.
  • Learn to interpret and heal as a Medical Intuitive by literally entering the 7 dimensions of the human body. You will intuitively read the auric field, chakra/meridian system, skin, muscle, vascular system, and skeletal system; as well as all the organs and organ systems.  REAL TIME case studies will be provided.  
  • Master induced states of consciousness modulating between Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma utilizing tools formulated for bi-neural integration and hemi-sync with the latest technology.
  • Become aware of your innate capabilities to empathically administer remote healing to individuals anywhere on the Earth, regardless of distance by tuning in to their unique frequency.
  • Class participation in a highly active case study support network implementing the fundamentals taught for skillful integration for 3 weeks following is a requirement to graduating, in addition to an administered assessment to obtain an Energy Intuitive/Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certificate for this coursework. 
  • Coursework provides proprietary syllabus, The New Science of Intuition Medicine For Energy & Balance, Francesca McCartney, Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss, & The Reluctant Intuitive, A Soulful Confession and Practical Guide, Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin.

WHEN: April 13th, 14th & 15th Intensive onsite.  Case study integration remotely with class teamwork, assessment administration and certification to follow.  Graduation and diploma provided at closure of case study term and passing assessment by April 18th, 2018.

WHERE: HQ Raleigh, Upper Conference Room, 2nd Floor, 310 S Harrington St, Raleigh NC 27603

COURSE COST: $1100.00 *Class size is limited to 14 students so please register before seats are reserved. *

**For further details and questions please contact course facilitator, Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin here: & 919-622-3309


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